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Around L'viv region excursions

A beautiful nature and rich history of Lviv regions favours a great popularity of one day excursions. The whole range of excursions around Lviv will help you to forget everyday troubles and plunge in fantastic world of the noble knights and brave kings, beautiful princes and lonely monks...

The program of excursions

1. Castles of the Golden Horseshoe

The tour around castles is very popular. The castles are located in such a way as if they surrender Lviv with the horseshoe. The trip will help you to imagine different kinds of fortification constructions which were build during the medieval period. You will visit one of the oldest castles in L'viv region Olesko castle which actually was the first castle in Ukraine that became a museum. In Pidhirtsi you will visit a beautiful palace of the XVIIc. and Basilian monastery on the territory of the old Slavonic town Plisensk which is known since VIIc. The castle in the town of Zolochiv looks like a real castle build in XVIIc. according to the Dutch system. The castle has two palaces where you can see the copy of the King Danylo Halytsky's crown. After that we come back to the town or if you wish we can continue our trip and visit a beautiful monastery in Univ. Then we can visit another palace type castle in Svirzh, see a finest fortress in Stare Selo (Old Town) and an old annalistic town Zvenyhorod which once was one of the strongest fortresses in Old Russ. The tour around castles lasts from 7 up 10 hours.

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2. To the testamentary Zhovkva region

Old king town-fortress Zhovkva is a region centre with the biggest amount of monuments to the past which dates back to the XVII-XVIIIcc.: wooden church of the Holly Trinity, St. Lavrentiy cathedral, Jesus Christ Nativity church, defensive synagogue and the royal castle with the ramparts of defensive structures. Close to Zhovkva in Krekhiv's beautiful forest which belongs to the national park of Yavoriv you can visit a finest monastery of St. Nikolaus (XVI-XVIIcc.). Only here you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and forget the everyday problems. On the way to L'viv we will also visit a unique Cave monastery in Stradch built in XIc. Do not forget to take the flashlights! The excursion will last from 6 up to 7 hours.

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3. To the place where The Wirgne Lady stood

Pochaiv Lavra of the Wirgine Lady's assumption belongs to the most famous and most visited monasteries and places of pilgrimage. Lavra is called to be the second Jerusalem because of the Jerusalem miracle repeated there. The Lord left its footstep on the Eleon hill before rising to the heaven. According to retellings the Wigine Lady also left its right footstep on the stone in 1240 near the small town Pochaiv. Since that time a healing spa started to flow form that stone. With the time Cathedreal of the Wirgine Lady's assumtion was erected above the very place. A magnificent barouqe ensemble of the monastery attracts the tourists not only with its history but also with its superb and unique architecture. Besides we are visiting cells of the Holly Spirit Cathedral which exists since 13c. And the last stop is near the holly lake of St. Anna. The excurcion lasts from 10 up to 11 hours.

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4. The crown of Volyn and Western Podillya

The rout of the tour goes through Pochaiv with its world famous sacred place - the stone footprint of the virgin Lady. The orthodox monastery Pochaiv Lavra is one of the biggest monasteries in the world erected in the XIIIc. above the very holly place. Then we move to the town Kremenets wich is famous for history, culture and churches. This town is also very famous for its views and therefore it has the title of Podillya crown pearl. Our tour goes to the town Vyshnevets where you'll be able to see beautiful palace often called a small Versal. The town Vyshnevets which is located at the top of the river Horyn is very well known for its old architectural monuments, reach history filled with interesting events and prominent people. The native place of eminent prince family Vyshnevetsky and count family Mnishky served a few times as a meeting place of European monarchies. Then we move to Zbarazh where we will see one of the strongest fortresses in Podillya. Exhibition halls together with medieval icon painting, sacral folk sculptures and arms are housed at the renaissance fortress palace and casemates. After observing the museum on the way to L'viv we make a small stop near the town Zboriv. Here under a big burial mound one can find mortal remains of the cossacks who were killed in the battle near Zboriv in 1649. The tour lasts from 12 up to 13 hours.

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5. Tour to Tustan

Our first stop will be in one of the most picturesque Carpathian waterfalls - heater, which is located in the turn massive vertical cliffs. His track littered with large boulders. You can swim in a waterfall when the heat season. Cold mountain water has healing properties. It is believed that a bath rejuvenates the body. Not far from the waterfall we can see dead mountain lake, named Zhyravlune. According to legend the water from the lake was used to prepare miraculous beverages. Living water source will protect you from the influence of different physical and mental weaknesses.

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6. Acroos the Galicia province and Carpathian passes

The programme: monuments to the past of the town Drohobych - Market square together with the city concil, Chuch of the Holly Trinity, St. Bartholomew Roman Catholic church, wooden churches of St. George and Holly Cross, the remparts of one of the biggest synagogues in the eastern Europe Salt factory XIIc. - the oldest acting factory of Ukraine. Our streets have a direct connection with a very famous Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko the second name of whom is a Stonecutter and with Galician Kafka Bruno Shults. We are also going to have a walk in the most famous water healing resorts of Ukraine - Truskavets. After that we go through Galician Pencilvania, Boryslav and Skhidnytsia up to the annalistic town Tustan, the unique monument to the past of the fortress construction (IV-XIII).Tthe fortress is located in a large natural rock and was build as a frontier and watch point on the trade rout which runs through Carpathians. Beautiful mountain nature, hills covered with legends which are located on the marvelous landscapes are on the way of this very beautiful mountain country. We are finishing our excursion near the spectacular waterfall Kamyanka. The excursion lasts from 12 up to 13 hours.

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7. Trip by the Carpathian Tram

An exciting four hour trip around Carpathians by narrow-gauge railway, which was founded in 1898, in the period of Austro-Hungarian Empire, is the main goal of this excursion. The gauge of the Carpathian tram is about 750 mm. and is almost two times narrower than traditional European one. Slightly rocking in tiny coaches you will enjoy the magnificent landscapes of mountains and rivers, wonderful railway bridges and picturesque canyons. And maybe we will even see the tsar of the Carpathians the brown bear...

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8. Trip to the Beskids

This is an excursion to the National Park The Beskids of Skole, during which you will be able to enjoy the fantastic landscapes of the Carpathians and listen to legends about mountains, waterfalls and local fortune-tellers. We will visit the miracle of nature Kamyanka the cascade of waterfalls with the height up to 7 meters. Nearby the Dead Lake Zhuravlyne is located. Next our route passes by the ancient mountain town of Skole, where prince Svyatoslav, the son of prince Volodymyr the Great was buried. In Skole you can see old wooden church and the palace which once belonged to baron Groedel. While travelling through Boykivshchyna (the region in the Carpathians) we will be able to visit the historic village of Tukhlya. Here Zakhar Berkut (the hero of the historical tale by Ivan Franko) defeated the Mongol-Tatar troops...

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9. Excursion to Prince Leo and St. Valentine

The first stop is in old town of Obroshyne not far from Lviv. Here we will see the baroque palace of archbishops, the Feast of the Cross Cathedral and St. Demetrius church. Next to the palace there is zoo and arboretum. The following stop is one of the oldest spas in Europe - Velykyi Lubin. Here we can see the fortress-palace which belonged to baron Brunytsky, St. Nicolas Church and Black Madonna of Czestochowa. Next stop is the town of Rudky. Here, in the Catholic Church, one can see the miraculous icon of Vigrin Mary The qween of Beskids. The family of famous Polish dramatist, count Olexander Fredro was buried in this church. We can visit the palace that belonged to him, and the museum that was opened there...

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10. The pearls of Precarpathian region

The excursion starts with visiting one of the most interesting sights of Lviv region Stare Selo (Old Village), where we will see one the biggest fortresses in Ukraine. Here in 1448 the wooden castle was constructed and in XVI century the stone walls were erected in order to protect the village from uninvited guests, as far as important trade route passed by. Trawelling from Stare Selo we pass by ancient town of Bibrka. Then we move to Pyatnychany where one of the few keeps (XIIIc.) has been preserved. This is a famous tower where the museum is functioning now. Such keeps served as impregnable fortification structures for our ancestors, before the cannon were invented...

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11. Castles of the Little Horseshoe

The excursion starts with visiting Vynnyky which is one of the oldest towns in Lviv region. Here the remnants of German colony (XIII c.) have been preserved, among them German Protestant church, dwelling houses and traces of the medieval castle, where the tobacco factory is located now. We also visit an explicit museum of regional ethnography...

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12. Valley of Narcissuses and Sunevyr Lake

Having arrived to the region of Hust we stop in the most famous place - the Valley of Narcissuses. Every year in May, the surface of the unique botanical reserve (257 hectares), where narcissuses grow on the area of 170 hectares, turn into a fragrant white carpet. Next we move to Synevirskyy Preserve, where we will have a pedestrian walk to the highland lake Synevyr - "Sea Eye"of the Carpathians. The lake is located at an altitude of 989 meters. Then we move on to the pond of Tereble-Ritske. It is interesting that in small crevices of the mountains its width is about 1 km. and length up to 9 km. This is an artificially created reservoir, where a dam for hydroelectric power stations has been built. After three hikes we turn back to the city feeling the pleasant fatigue...

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13. Excursion to Chervonohrad, Belz, Uhniv and Potelych

Our first stop is in one of the largest cities in western Ukraine - in the present mining city of Chervonohrad, former Krystynopil. It used to be one of the cultural and historical gems of Ukraine, the residence of Count Pototsky. The city is located in ancient Chervensk land, were the military battles between Kyiv Rus and the Polish Kingdom took place in X-XI centuries. During the tour we will visit Count's Palace, which now houses the Museum of Religion with a large collection of icons and objects that belonged to the family of Pototsky. In an ancient monastery we will visit the church of St.George, where the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Krystynopol is preserved. We also visit the Bernardine monastery with the church of Holy Spirit...

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14. astles and thermal waters of

The modern highway, which once used to be an ancient Salt Way, leads us to the Carpathians. Having passed the Veretsk mountain pass with the elevation of 841 meters we make our first stop in sanatorium Carpathians. The real adornment of this place is the former Shernborn hunting palace (built in1890), which looks like an illustration to the works by Duma. In Chynadieve we make one more stop next to the medieval castle (XIV c.). Next we visit an ancient castle Palanok (XIII c.) which astonishes visitors with its grandeur...

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15. The preserve of Dovbush Rocks

The purpose of this trip is the Preserve of "Dovbush Rocks" located in the Carpathian Mountains, which is supposed to be one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. The high cliffs on the background of forest and mountains form a picturesque mountain scenery. These rocks have been used in ancient times to build a rock fortress and guard fortifications. On our way from Lviv to the Carpathian Preserve we visit several Galician towns and a monastery in Hoshiv. The first one is the city of Stryi, which attracts tourists with a plenty of architectural and historical monuments. Narrow winding streets are leading us to the city center, where we examine one of the oldest Gothic churches - Catholic Church of the Nativity of Mary (1395)...

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16. Carpathian Jacuzzi

Now we approach the place, which is a spice of our trip. This is therapeutic bathing in vats with hot mineral water, which has been practiced in the depths of the Carpathian Mountains, in the village Lumshory, since 1600. Tubs vary in size - from 250 to 1000 liters. Therefore, the cost of staying in that hot tub depends on the size of the vat and the number of people. This procedure is so useful and popular that today bathing has to be booked in advance...

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17. Excursion to Dubno

During this tour we will visit some interesting towns situated on the border of two great empires of the times of the First World War - the Habsburg Empire and Czarist Russia. Our first stop is near the well-preserved palace of the Prime Minister of Austro-Hungaria Count Badeni in "Galician Venice" the town of Busk. Next we go to the border Galician town of Brody, where among other historical and architectural monuments we examine the castle-fortress (17th c.)...

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18. Excursion to Lutsk

In Lutsk we perform three-hours excursion, during which we examine the Lubart castle (14th c.) and some expositions which are located in it (bells, weapons, prints), the Jesuit Church of St. Peter and Paul (17th c.), the tower of Princes Chartoriyski (15th c.), the synagogue (17th c.), the Lutheran Church, the House with Chimeras, the Armenian Church (16th c.), the Protection Church (14th c.), the Market Square, the Museum of Pharmacy and a lot of other places of interest...

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19. One-day Tour from Lviv to Hoverla

Hoverla is the highest top of Ukraine (2061 m.) and in translation from Hungarian its name means a snow mountain. It is lockated on the border of Transkarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk region. To the foot of Hoverla we get by bus or by car and the rest of the distance (4 km.) we overcome on foot starting at the sports base Zaroslyak. The admission to the teritory of the preserve is paid. To the top of Hoverla we move along quite slanting footpath. If the weather is favourable, ascent usualy takes 3 hours...

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20. Bruno Schulz and the lost Judish world

During this tour we will touch to the culture of completely vanished Galician judish world. The first place of our stop is ancient city, which had a lot of cultures. Galician city Drohobicz - it is the city, which gave a lot of famouse people. Drohobicz had their own judish community and one of the famous representative was writer and artist Bruno Schulz. In Drohobicz we will sea the grave of Schulz, two sunagogues, one of it is Choral - were the biggest in Galicia. We will visit places to which Bryno Schulz belonged. In the Bronitsk forest, not far from Drohobicz there is a memorial in which were buried thousand judish from Drohobicz, who were killed during the World War the First, with their death this culture of unique world just vanished...

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21. Tour to Volin: Lutsk - Dybno - Tarakaniv - Berestechko

Our first stop will be in the capital of Volin - Lutsk city, where we will visit the prince Lyubart castle (14c.) and former college, the monasteri of st. Brigida, st. Sharitka and Dominikans, the tower of Chartoristski kings (15c.), synagogue (17c.), Luteran church, the house with goasts, the place on the river Styr where Lusk citizens were baptism, Armanian church (16c.) St. Pokrova church - The Protection of our Lady church (14c.), Rynok squer with museum of the pharmacy (18c.), the Exaltation of Christ church (17c.) and Holy trinity catedrale (18c.) in the teritory of the former Bernardine monastery...

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22. Carpathian mountains in four days

During this four-days tour we will pass through a large part of the Ukrainian Carpathians. We will visit various natural sights: waterfalls, rocks, caves, mountain passes. We will visit the large regional historical and cultural centers of the Carpathians, the cities Ivano-Frankivsk and Uzhgorod, as well as a number of famous mountain resorts: Skhidnytsia, Bukovel, Beregovo and others. The most prominent fortresses in the Carpathians will not pass by our attention as well: "Tustan", "Palanok", Uzhhorod and Nevytsky castles. The program also includes tasting of regional cuisine and drinks. The length of the route is about 1000 km...

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